DefaultCreating dreadlocks with fibermesh. Tutorial


Hey guys! thanks again for all the comments and likes on my recently created facebook page now its my turn to give something back to the community! I just finished putting together the tutorial I was working on: Creating dreadlocks with fibermesh. and I hope you can take something out of it. 


The tutorial is focusing only on the creation of the dreadlocks using fibermesh and some simple base geometry. its a PDF with 23 pages with some detailed text description and plenty of images of the process. (if you are an experienced zbrush user or are familiar with fibermesh you can scan through the document quickly by reading the words in yellow and that should give you a general idea about the steps). 

you can get here:

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Please let me know what you think, if you like it or not or if you think I should change something to clarify!

If you find it useful leave a comment or I would appreciate some likes on my facebook page!


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