Hey guys! Whats going on! I know its been a while since my last post but in all honesty I haven’t done anything worth showing, I’ve been doing a lot of research and testing for my new tutorial and I think is time to share the progress and see if you guys would be interested to see it happening???… So here it is: I have been trying to create a decent and versatile skin material for ZBrush that can be rendered in a SINGLE pass using zbrush BPR render. 

Here are some WIPs from last week using the very nice INFINITE – REALITIES, 3D head scan by Lee Perry-Smith model for testing and rendered withZbrush BPR in a single pass!


So my idea with the skin shader is that it is not based on any MatCap so that it reacts well to different lighting set ups. here are some tests, all BPR single pass without leaving ZBrush.

lighting set ups test

This is another test I did to fake the subsurface scattering effect a bit more accurate (the only compositting bit from this one is the use of the Zdepth pass)

zbrush skin shader


I hope you guys like it! I will be posting updates for the tutorial on facebook! all the best!

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