The tutorial, about feathers in ZBrush, is ready to download!

I few weeks ago, I went on a trip to the northern territory in Australia. I spent over a week sketching and sculpting with a Wacom Companion. I took it with me everywhere, I created few pieces which you can find here along with a review of the Companion.

I made a creature inspired by the cockatoos and other birds from the region. While sketching the idea in ZBrush, I realised I could reuse the feathers I made, so I turned them into an InsertMultiMesh brush. I shared the brush on my facebook page and it had a great response.

Chicken with tutorial feathers

Interestingly enough, a lot of people wanted know my approach to the feathers. So I created this 14 pages eBook as a guide / tutorial, to show you 6 quick methods on how to create feathers in ZBrush. As part of the download, you’ll get a folder with resources, including the InsertMultimeshMesh brush I shared before and other stuff you might find useful.


Also, I have been sharing my tutorials and resources through my website, Dropbox, Mediafire and directly from my facebook page. It was becoming a bit of messy for me to manage them and for you guys to find them. I decided to put everything together in one single place. Now you can download the new feathers tutorial, along with any of my previous eBooks, from my new Selz Store.

Don’t worry about the word “store”, the tutorials are FREE is just that these guys at Selz make it super easy to host any digital content. However, if you value the information and want to support my work you can pay something, if you want, for any eBook.

You can download the Feathers Tutorials directly from here:

Buy this on Selz
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I hope this will be useful to you and as always I appreciate all the “likes” and “shares”!

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