Behind the ZBrush comic style render tutorial

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The process behind the tutorial: Rendering a comic style illustration within ZBrush. Developing a process to recreate the look and feel of a “comic illustration” was really fun. But if you are like me, you know that getting the exact look you are aiming for, could be quite frustrating sometimes. So what I did with this tutorial was to narrowed down the tools and processes I needed to use in order to mimic the visual style of a comic-style artwork. Once you understand some basic principles, creating things like ZBrush comic…read more

Multi-Eye Transparency Shader

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Hey guys! I had some time this weekend to work on the reflection shader for the Multi-Eye tool. I’m sharing the version of the shader that gave me the best results using ZBrush BPR. All you need to do is assign the reflection shader to the “Eye_shine” (second subtool) From the Multi-Eye tool and tweak the transparency settings as well as the shader attributes. I made a quick video tutorial to get you started but its a super simple process. Anyway, I hope you guys find it useful… CLICK HERE to…read more

A Guide to: Creating Feathers in ZBrush

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The tutorial, about feathers in ZBrush, is ready to download! I few weeks ago, I went on a trip to the northern territory in Australia. I spent over a week sketching and sculpting with a Wacom Companion. I took it with me everywhere, I created few pieces which you can find here along with a review of the Companion. I made a creature inspired by the cockatoos and other birds from the region. While sketching the idea in ZBrush, I realised I could reuse the feathers I made, so I…read more

ZBrush Skin Material & Single Pass BPR

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Hey Guys it’s been a while since I published the ZBrush tutorial on Skin Material and Single Pass BPR and I haven’t had the chance to update the blog with it. So far the only way to get to it through the forums I am part of or my facebook page so I thought it would be a good idea to have it here too. Also I set up a Selz account so its easier for everyone to  have access to my tutorials and resources from place. the tutorials are completely…read more

Companion In The Wild – My Review of the Wacom Cintiq Companion

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Inspired by nature: companion in the wild I’ve always been fascinated by nature, by the way things grow, by the unexpected combination of colours and the infinite shapes and surfaces that exist for unique purposes. There is beauty in nature but there is also function and I constantly refer back to it when I’m doing my art or developing a concept, because it helps me achieve something that is believable whether it is sci-fi, a creature or a fantasy landscape. I wanted to refresh my ideas and find new sources…read more

BPR skin shader – tutorial WIP04

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I got a bit of time last weekend to do some work update on the Skin shader for zbrush BPR single pass… but before anything, I have to say that I am blown away but the upcoming features of zbrush 4R7, specially the hard surface modeling tools, and off course the keyshot integration that looks insane! well done Pixologic! (in case you missed the zbrush summit here is a demo: Having seen all that awesomeness I still believe that the single pass BPR render its a great tool for rendering your models…read more

BPR skin shader – tutorial WIP03

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So I have been doing a lot of testing of my skin shader with the Infinite Realities head scan and got to a point that I was relatively happy with, so I decided to test the material on some of my old models and see how consistent the shader was.  I was expecting to get very different results mainly because, in my experience, the SSS pass will vary a lot depending on the model,but with little tweaking I managed to get something interesting with the SINGLE PASS render process I have been developing. You…read more

BPR skin shader – tutorial WIP

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Hey guys! Whats going on! I know its been a while since my last post but in all honesty I haven’t done anything worth showing, I’ve been doing a lot of research and testing for my new tutorial and I think is time to share the progress and see if you guys would be interested to see it happening???… So here it is: I have been trying to create a decent and versatile skin material for ZBrush that can be rendered in a SINGLE pass using zbrush BPR render.  Here…read more

Rocky faces

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I went to Tasmania a couple of weeks ago and went Cataract Gorge in Launceston and there are these really cool massive rocks formations along the walking trail. I saw one that, to me, look like a cool “face” and after seeing that “face” all I could see in those rocks were more faces…. so here are some sketches based on those rocky faces:        

Loxodonta Embouteillage

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Here is a sketch I did to practice a bit of “negative” space just to do something different. I usually sculpt with Dynamesh by “adding” geometry but I tried doing the opposite with this one. I started with the shape of the bottle (simple primitive subdivided). I used the Dam_standard_brush to define some of the big areas I was going to “carve” in, then I started to subtract geometry with BuildupClayBrush (holding alt) while “Dynameshing”. towards the end I use the standard brush and inflate for wrinkles and other details.  …read more

3D Clay Sketches in the 3Dcreative Magazine!

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Hey guys! I’ve been flat out at work so I haven’t been able to follow up on all the the nice comments and feedback from my last piece “lost creatures” but I really appreciate all the encouraging words! hopefully this weekend I will get to it, in the mean time I just wanted to share some new clay sketches that got featured in the latest 3Dcreative magazine, the Janitor even made it to the cover! so I’m very excited! I will post some of the renders here and in my…read more

The Abominable

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I have been cleaning my old backup drive and I found and old concept part of a series I was doing called “lost creatures” and I decided to do another take on it and this is what I came up with. hope you guys like it! model: Dynamesh, fur: fibermesh, render: BPR, compositing: PS another render:   Here is a bit of the process on how I made the environment and background… I was playing around with the idea of doing a speed painting, something very sketchy with large brushstrokes to just…read more

The Sailor sketch has evolved!

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So I decided it to actually polish a bit more one of the clay sketches, and I had to start from the beginning  that’s why I chose The Sailor. So here is a render of this grumpy character that I am calling final for now. here is a composed render with background – In my quest to find a good workflow to render everything withing zbrush I tried to keep it simple in terms of the materials I used and how many passes I rendered. the background is a fishing…read more

WetClay MTL Tutorial ready to DOWNLOAD!

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Finally! The Clay material tutorial is ready to download! You can get from here: Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites Please share the link, it’s free! This is just another contribution to the amazing zbrush community, I hope you enjoy it! and thank you for all the comments and for keep an eye on my posts. If you have a question or any feedback I’ll be happy to hear it. Also if you see something that interest you from my work feel free to suggest any topic for…read more

I’m back from my trip

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hey guys! sorry about the delay with the wet clay tutorial I was planning to release it for christmas but I couldn’t get everything sorted before my trip. good news is I’m back and I have the tutorial ready, I’m just cleaning up the resource folder that I will be sharing. Also I’m very excited to say that the section I reserved for The Industry Experts is going to showcase two brilliant and their amazing work. Joseph Drust and Kurt Papstein have kindly collaborated with me sharing some zbrush models…read more

Clay Material tutorial FINISHED!

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Whats up guys! I have been absent for a little while now, quite busy with no time to sketch or do anything, however I have managed to squeeze some minutes after work to write the promised clay tutorial. I am please to tell you that is finished! with over 35 pages of notes, tips and images, Also you will be delighted to know that two special guests are going to be part of a little extra section I added called “industry experts” where they will give some quick tips and…read more

WET clay MTL 3

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hey there! This will be the last update on the CLAY TUTORIAL before I share it. (this means it will be finished soon). Maybe you remeber this guy on the left “the boxer” The model is a a quick 1 hour speed sculpture in zbrush that I rendered in a separate software, and like I said before my aim with the tutorial was to achieve a similar result all within zbrush so thats why the sketchy clay ball on the right created and rendered ALL WITHIN ZBRUSH! materials, brushes, the…read more

Coloured Sketches

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Hey Guys! I have been quite busy lately and just moved into a new place but I will continue with the WET CLAY tutorial from next week. to give you an update on that, the materials are 99% ready to my satisfaction so it shouldn’t take to long to put everything together in writing and also I have an awesome surprise for you (its confirmed) and decided to extend the resources I will be sharing to Wet clay material, wet clay basic, “waxy” clay, sculpy flesh, sculpy flesh translucent, sculpy…read more

WET CLAY render MTL 2

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Hey guys! another update on the clay render tutorial… good news is I’m almost done with he materials I am working on: clay and Plasticine so I should be able to start putting something together soon. I have also done some quick sketches with Dynamesh to test the materials and to standarise a bit the rendering/compositing process and its looking promising. I tried different styles with the sketches so the material can be use more as a presentation material with a variety of styles:   also I recorded a couple…read more


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Hey guys! Just a quick update on the “clay-render” tutorial. I am taking some time to do this because I am trying to reproduce the look and feel of my “clay sketches” all within zbrush BPR so you don’t really need to use an external render. I feel I’m getting pretty close to something that I am happy with, so here is a quick render of a ball of clay with the material applied. (I am setting up the material so you can customize the “wetness” and colour easily). you can…read more